Temperature controlled deliveries are an important link in the supply chain to many businesses in Kent and worldwide! 
Many products spoil, but one way this can be prevented is through refrigeration. Refrigeration is defined as aftifical / man-made cooling. Cooling has been used by humans since before 1000BC to keep food fresh and preserve it for as long as possible, normally this was done through the use of ice cellars. Modern refrigeration was originally designed by Scottish professor William Cullen who designed a small refrigrating machine in 1755 using a vacuum and chemicals such as diethyl ether.  
Since then refrigeration has taken over and become a worldwide phenomenon off with over 98% of homes in the UK owning either a fridge or a fridge freezer. So, we've all got them in our homes and businesses but how do businesses get their chilled or frozen goods from point A to point B fast? Through a temperature controlled delivery service of course! 
Temperature controlled deliveries aren't just for chilled and frozen food though, other products such as pharmaceuticals can spoil when too hot, so it is important to maintain a constant temperature when delivering them to ensure the quality of the product. 
At JDL we have a range of temperature controlled fridge and freezer vans based in Maidstone, Kent who deliver to businesses all over the UK. We specialise in same day deliveries, meaning we will drive directly from the collection point to the delivery point. All of our vans are able to maintain a constant temperature between -25°C and +25°C based on your needs, we are quick and always get goods to their destination on time! 
So if youre looking for a temperature controlled delivery near Maidstone, Kent, then give us a call on 01622844449 or email sales@jdldeliveries.com for a quote! 
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