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"Courier"...so defined in British English as: 
a person or company that takes messages, letters, or parcels from one person or place to another: I want to have this package delivered by motorcycle courier. 
This is a rather limited description, as a Kent courier such as JDL Deliveries does literally move anything anywhere, but as a definition it does give you the basic idea of what courier work is. 
However, when you speak to the public, the perception of a courier is an individual whom works on behalf of an internet seller who delivers your new mobile phone or iPad, doing anything from 60-150 of these kind of drops a day.  This perception is quite deep seated and it even extends to when we're talking to insurance companies who struggle to differentiate companies such as JDL from multi drop firms. 
So what are the key differences between JDL Deliveries as  a Kent courier from multi drop work?  If you're a reader of the JDL Deliveries blog you can probably guess that there is a list fast approaching... 
The customer base.  It sounds obvious, but the multi drop trade is delivering to the general public (B2C as we like to say) whereas our business is about carrying your business, therefore we tend to have a customer base of organisations rather then individuals.  This is not to say that we don't also deal directly with the general public (rushing them forgotten iPads seems to be the flavour of the month at the moment), but 98% of our trade is B2B. 
The number of drops we do.  We at JDL run what is known as a dedicated courier service, this in effect means that we take one product from point A and deliver it to your customer at point B.  Granted we may be commissioned by the same person at point A to also go onto maybe a point C and a D as well, but it is a pre-planned and priced for delivery schedule.  We certainly don't do 100 drops per day, each a small item, this ensures that with our sophisticated vehicle tracking you are in control of your delivery at all points. 
The range of services we offer.  Have a look at the items displayed on the back of a couple of our vans at the top of the page.  We are more of a logistics solution company as is demanded by the modern business rather than just a van with boxes and a sat nav in it.  Take for example this curtain sider: 
JDL Deliveries Curtain sided van
It is equipped with a pallet truck, a trolley, a tail lift for pallets up to 500kg, access to either side via the curtains, a carrying capacity of 1200kg, an ability to take up to six standard UK pallets and all of this is available in a van that can go pretty much anywhere a large family car is able to go.  With such versatility it is no wonder it is a favourite of our customers for their delivery needs. 
4. The variety of our work.  One day we might be delivering fruit, the next important documentation, the day after 5 metre long steel pipes.  The variety is endless; yesterday for example we had several vans in London delivering employee information documents, visa documents, apple and preservative sames plus an antique bench to a second floor flat.  We certainly get to see the sights 
5. The fact we get the job done.  There is no such thing for a Kent courier like JDL Deliveries as a "Sorry you were out when I attempted delivery" card.  Our drivers are prepped to know what to expect at the drop off point and with years of experience of delivering across this fine country of ours and beyond, are adept at getting your goods to the destination required, whether it be in a central city location or in the middle of the country side. 
We do hope that this has given you an insight into the world of JDL Deliveries.  If you'd like more enlightenment be sure to tune into the blog on a regular basis. 
Until next time... 
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